Your next jaunt to Europe might be postponed, but you can still get a cultural fix right from your couch with a host of virtual tours covering the well-trodden ground of the continent’s best museums.

You can linger over work by Dutch masters at the Rijksmuseum and discover rare pieces at Moscow’s State Tretyakov Gallery. From Edinburgh to the Louvre to Florence and beyond, you’ll find new things to appreciate in our collection of online tours. Read on below to discover them all.

London: The British Museum

In this museum tour, artefacts and relics of the world are linked by dots, leading you through time to discover the great interconnectedness of world culture. Unearth some of the earliest writing from Sumer circa 3000 BC, explore statues from ancient Egypt and pottery jars from Imperial China, textiles from Africa and even cheques from banks of London. It’s also great for kids and teens who can listen to the fascinating history of each piece with a clearly voiced audio track.

Take a virtual tour of the British Museum

Paris: The Louvre

There are five virtual tours on the Louvre’s site to be discovered. Head into the original moat to explore the building’s historical origins. Marvel at the Egyptian Antiquities tour, which showcases everyday life in Pharaonic times including the Tanis Sphinx.

Take a virtual tour of the Louvre

Edinburgh: National Museum of Scotland

History, art and innovation are all on display in the National Museum of Scotland and in a virtual tour you’ll see fossils and relics from the distant past, coffins and mummies from ancient Egypt and Scotland’s own archive of invention. Click through featured online exhibitions to explore a history of textiles or a feature on Alexander Graham Bell.

Take a virtual tour of the National Museum of Scotland

Australia: KAWS

National Gallery of Victoria Melbourne, Australia announced this weekend that it has launched a virtual tour of its landmark “KAWS:COMPANIONSHIP IN THE AGE OF LONELINESS” exhibition.

The extensive presentation explores the artist’s diverse practice, spotlighting murals, large-scale sculptures, street, and public art, as well as original designs from his fashion collaborations. It’s split into four themes: “Public Interventions,” “Iconography,” “Order And Chaos,” and “Companionship.” The centerpiece of the show is a newly commissioned bronze sculpture of the artist’s signature Companion — his largest statue to date.

Take a virtual tour of the KAWS