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Strategies to Improve Your Customers Loyalty

By offering memorable experiences, we create affinity with your customers through multiple and qualitative contact points. Driving loyalty by rewarding and incentivising your top clients with access to the extraordinary range of benefits Lorindale corporate membership provides. Partnership Strategy Leveraging our business relationships with the world’s top brands to forge strategic partnerships that drive retention, acquisition and meaningful engagement.

Lorindale reinvents customer relationship to create intimacy and proximity with your most cherished customers. We reinvented the tradition of the luxury concierge and created the “Enhanced Concierge”, with the latest digital tools. Recruited for their know-how and personality, they are trained to the highest standards of luxury to guarantee the satisfaction of your customers.

We build tailor-made partnership programs to increase customer loyalty and offer exclusive benefits for your clients around the world. Our network of partners allows us to offer our members preferential conditions and services for their requests: discounts, exclusive reception, special attentions, access to places closed to the public. Depending on the nature of the request, we systematically recommend partner institutions that we know can guarantee reliability and professionalism.

Our CRM makes the most of every interaction with your members through all forms of media, both oral and written. As the central interface for inbound and outbound interactions with clients, from campaign management to multi-channel marketing and privilege program performance analysis, Lorindale analyzes the behavior of members in real time: service usage, interests and responses to push offers. As a result we have a very precise and evolutive profile of the member, allowing the concierge to provide a response that surpasses client expectations.

Guest Management Solution

We understand the complexity required to manage a truly personalised guest experience. We help you plan and manage your guests, including sending invitations/RSVP, travel, and accommodation.

The vast majority of VIP-orientated decisions are made in the preparation stage of visitor planning. Whether your organisation wants to personalise pre-registration forms, streamline check-in experiences or configure VIP alerts, there are quite a few techniques modern Guest Management solution can implement to provide organisations and VIPs with a professional and unique user experience.

We will help you also with planing arrival, departure and all your guests’ travel requirements as well as manage multiple rooms types across different locations based on guest type.

After the guest departs, it is common courtesy to follow up follow up thank you emails and questionnaires to improve on the experience notes can be input into the VIPs user profile. We will also provide full reporting through flexible and customs report generator.

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